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Power Cables

The current ratings of HT XLPE cables given in the different tables are based on the following assumptions:

1.) Maximum conductor temperature for conditions operation : 90deg C
2.) Ambient air temperature : 40deg C
3.) Ground temperature : 30deg C
4.) Thermal resistivity of soil : 150deg cm/Watt
5.) Depth of laying (to the highest point of the cables laid direct in the ground) : 90cm

Cables for internal exchange installations, connection between selector racks, distribution frames etc. The cable can be unarmoured or galvanized steel wire or strip armoured. Conforming to standard specification such as G/WIR-06/02 May 1994, G/WIR-09/02 December 1995, G/WIR-04/01 February 1993, S/WS-114D, CW1251, CW1271, CW179A, CBL7000, TC-24/91, BS 3575/90, IEC: 189 H-2, IEC: 753.

We are among the few Cable companies who are manufacturing the following types of cables for Indian Railways :

  • Underground Railway Signaling Cables
  • Underground Railway Quad Axle Counter Cables
  • Optical Fiber Cables
  • Power Cables
  • Specialized Instrumentation cables for underground and elevated Metro Projects

These cables are used for power supply to the control circuits. Cables are manufactured as per IS, BS & IEC standards as per the requirement of customers.

Instrumentation cables come with or without flame retardant properties and are suitable in process control, A/D converters and other modern microprocessor based instrumentation circuits.

These cables are designed to offer excellent resistance to noise and induction phenomena encountered in instrumentation circuits. Voltage grade 650/ 1100 Volts (Uo/U). Conforming to standard specifications such as IS: 5608 (Parts I, II, III), BS 5308 (Part I), BS 1584 (Parts I, II, III), IEC 189-5 (Part III), BS 6360, BS 5099 (Part II).

Thermocouple Extension and Compensating Cables are used for connecting thermocouples to control and measurement devices (pyrometers etc.) that may be some distance away from each other in control rooms. Conforming to standard specifications such as IS: 8784, ANSI MC 96.1, DIN 43714, 43, ENI-0163, BS 4937 (Part IIIX).

Our building wire range includes :

LFHR FR : Lead Free, Heat Resistant and Fire Retardant
LFHR FRLS : Lead Free, Heat Resistant, Fire Retardant and Low Smoke
LFHR ZHLS : Lead Free, Heat Resistant, Zero Halogen and Low Smoke
Multi Core Round : PVC Insulated Copper Conductor (Flexible) Industrial Cables
Flat Three Core : PVC Insulated Industrial Cable for Submersible Pumps
Single Core Copper Conductor (Flexible)
CATV Co-axial Cables - 75 ohms

Construction, Special Cables for Defence, Fire Protection and Mineral Insulated Cables Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power, Rail